I love newborns. I love their tininess, their helplessness, the funny faces they make. They are so soft and floppy, so perfect for cuddling. I didn’t realize when Manchild was born how quickly they grow, so when Squish was new I made a point of savoring every moment, of admiring his tiny toes, of watching him grimace and smile and pucker while he slept. I’m savoring it just as much this time around, knowing that this stage will slip away while I am still in a fog of sleeplessness.

But having done this before, I also know that babies get cuter. They smile. They laugh. They roll. They sit up and then, without warning, fall down. They crawl around and bounce to the music. And as sad as it is to realize one day that my newborn is gone, all grown up into a full-fledged infant, it’s nice to know that things just keep getting better.

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