The sink is full of dishes. But at least that means I’m back to cooking dinner.

The couch is piled with books. But at least that means we’re back to reading stories.

There is bread rising on the counter. It won’t be baked until about midnight. But at least I’m back to baking bread.

We’ve been to playgroup and religion class. We went for a run. We’ve even made a trip to the city.

We’ve stayed up way too late and tried to get to bed early. We’ve also taken a nap.

The boys let me sleep in until 10:30 on Tuesday. It was 8:30 on Wednesday. And 8:00 today. That probably means that tomorrow will be our first official day of absolute “normalcy” since we got home – 7:00am wake up call, I’m ready for you.

To celebrate, I’m going to clean the apartment. Vacuum. Organize the toys. Do all the dishes. Shower. Do my hair. And then  . . . then it will be like the 3-week vacation never happened.


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  1. Im looking forward to this. Four weeks of vacation is about 2 too long for me… I think I crave routine. Who knew?


    lizzie Reply:

    Yeah, it is nice to get out and do different things, but it is hard to be out of your own space for so long, especially when you still have to be a mom. And your kids still need naps and bedtimes and normal meals. Hahaha.


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