Note on Staying in the Loop

I can imagine how easy it would be to tune out the outside world as I raise my children. I can imagine deciding that Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, even the newspaper, were taking too much of my time and attention away from my kids and deciding to lay them aside for a few years.

And then I can imagine emerging from this cocoon of young motherhood to find that the world had changed. I’d been there the whole time, but I’d missed it.

I imagine it could be a bit of a shock, that it could put me off balance, that I’d perpetually feel like I’d just walked into a room and forgotten why I was there.

So I try to stay informed, to acknowledge the changing winds even if I don’t necessarily adjust to them, and try to keep my balance – both as the world continues to spin and as I try to manage my time and energy to give my family the best of what I have.

Is this something you think about? What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  1. Oh yes, it’s all stuff I think about. And I want so much to balance it all perfectly, which I know I cannot do. But it’s good to just be aware. Not too extreme either way….I like your thoughts, thanks. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    Maintaining that elusive balance . . . sometimes I find that I really need to tune out and read the news or scroll through Facebook if I’m going to be patient with my boys, and sometimes I am impatient with them because I am reading the news and scrolling through Facebook. Definitely something to be aware of.


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