I’m getting close to the finish line of this pregnancy. I can practically count on one hand the number of weeks until my due date. I’m looking forward to pulling out my normal summer clothes. It’s easier to remember that one day I will be able to sleep on my stomach and roll over effortlessly. (And also that I won’t really be sleeping much at all for a few weeks.)

As I have started to re-imagine my life with a little girl in my arms and a sag in my belly where she used to stretch and kick, it has also occurred to me that summer has finally arrived. (I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I’m not in New York during these 90+ degree days – it’s 90 in Utah as well, but it’s a dry 90, and that makes a big difference.)

My runs have been slower than usual, and I have been okay with that. I have not gone as far as I normally have and I have been okay with that. And I realize that once I go back to New York, where the humidity is brutal and my baby will be even heavier (she’s putting on half a pound a week . . . and so am I), and I may have to adjust my runs even more. And I’m okay with that.

Which didn’t stop me from signing up for a 5-mile race in Coney Island next week. Don’t worry, I’ll be smart about it.

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