Note on Running a Race

I surprised myself on Tuesday by getting a little competitive at a teeny tiny 5K my sister and her youth group put together. I ran it, and I did the best I could do. But I was 5 minutes slower than my personal record. And I was the second woman by almost a minute. I didn’t expect to be the first woman, not at all, but I was kind of surprised by my 25 minute time. It’s not like I was going that slow. I was pushing myself at least a little bit. I haven’t lost that much fitness in the past 7 months, have I? I will admit to being slightly discouraged.

I think these things, but then I remember that it takes me some serious effort to get off the floor after playing with the boys. I need to sit down to put my pants on. I sometimes waddle. So why do I think I can run a 5K anywhere near my peak-non-pregnancy-fitness pace of 6:40/mile? That would be ridiculous.

As for my 10K tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish in less than an hour. But if I don’t, well, it will probably be good for me to recognize my limits. Remember that running is for fun. Acknowledge that ten pounds of weight on my abdomen actually does make a difference.

(The photo is of a lady I saw running the Brooklyn Half a few weeks ago. She was 20 weeks pregnant and looking good!)

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  1. You are faster than I’ll ever be, even at 7 months pregnant! I’m so impressed. Good luck on the 10k!


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, I think you have the potential to be fast, Catlin, if you really wanted to be. But I totally understand that it isn’t necessarily a priority! Thanks for the well-wishes. We had a great time!


  2. You are NUTS!! Really, take it easy on yourself…remember after the baby, and all is back to normal–you’ll be faster than ever. This is not the time to be a speed demon. (I TOTALLY GET your mindset though. ;))
    Just enjoy it all. And go easy. (I hurt reading about racing at 7 months prego!)


    lizzie Reply:

    Of course, of course. 🙂 It’s surprising to me both how easy it is for me to be competitive, and how easily I can give it up when it isn’t working out for me. 🙂


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