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It’s been seven months since I last had my hair cut. And even that was at the hands of Micah, in our bathroom, in the name of our Halloween costume. I’ve been “growing it out” so that I can get it cut short again. You see, I’m a hair model for Bumble and Bumble. All this means is that I get a free haircut by a professional every few months. And in the meantime, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to handle it as it’s growing out.

But it’s free! And I get to try new things! Like the pixie cut I had for a while. Which I liked . . . except that every month or so it was like having a different hairstyle that I’d have to learn to do, until I got it cut again. That was when I was signed up for the “short layers” class.

This time I’m taking the “razor bob” class, which I’ve done before and enjoyed. It’s a little safer, a little less maddening as it grows out, a little easier to pull into a couple of pigtails and call it a day, but it still looks like a hairdo and not as much like I just haven’t gotten it cut in a long time.

Until then, however, I’m rocking the ponytail-with-bobbypins and trying not to feel frumpy while I’m at it.

How picky are you about your hair upkeep? Do you go for something you can pull into a ponytail at a moments notice? Or would you rather have a look that takes some effort?

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  1. My long, curly, wet hair is pulled back into a bun. Which…is way too much the norm. I could never handle high-maintenance hair.


    lizzie Reply:

    I have a hard time deciding which is more high maintenance: short hair that needs to be cut regularly but takes about 2 seconds to style, or long hair that doesn’t need to be cut frequently but takes a long time to style – or ends up in a pony tail (which, for me, just isn’t a good look).


  2. It is too often in a pony tail. I would like to actually do my hair and style it so it doesn’t look like a long, unkempt mess, but that doesn’t always happen. PS Lizzie, when you come you are going to (with the other sisters) help me figure out how to cut my hair. Interestingly, this is what has been on my mind for the past week. So this post was good timing!


    lizzie Reply:

    I’m excited to figure out something new for you to try!


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