Home Again

We made it home. Safe and sound and sleepy.

The red-eye always seems like such a good idea. In theory. The boys will sleep! We’ll have some peace and quiet! We’ll have the whole day ahead of us to recover!

But somewhere along the line I forgot that the flight home is only 4 hours. That having “the whole day ahead of us” means sleepwalking through most of it. That coming home from a 3 week vacation means no food in the house. That it will take us all week to recover.

Still, as we walked to our apartment from the train station, dragging our 9 bags and 2 children behind us (plus the one who leads the way everywhere I go), I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing our neighborhood with fresh eyes, in a different light. Has that building always been there? Are there always this many people on the go at 7:00am? Do we usually get so many smiles?

Or am I just happy to be home?

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  1. We thought the same thing when we went on our cruise, that we could just sleep on the plane for our red eye flight. I just forgot about the time change thing and that our flight was only 4 1/2 hours and it’s pretty much impossible to sleep on a plane. I vowed never to take a red eye again, at least not while pregnant. I’m glad your boys slept though.


    lizzie Reply:

    It has definitely taken me longer to recover from the redeye this year than it did last year. I just wish JetBlue had a direct flight from SLC to JFK that wasn’t a redeye. But since that isn’t the case, we’ll probably do it again next year.


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