Squish likes to talk in his robot voice. His brother must compete. They have robot-talking wars, which contain more explosive laughter and fewer actual explosions than real wars.

And if one starts laughing, the other laughs harder. No need to have any idea what the laughing is for. It is contagious. And also it is no fun to be left out of what is clearly the funniest thing since the “bonk!” game took our house by storm 4+ years ago. Whatever that funny thing might be.

The two of them practically go into hysterics over Wacky Wednesday. I mean honestly! A policeman with three legs!? Can you think of anything sillier?

We’ve taken to singing “Joy to the World” a couple of times before bed. But singing a Christmas song in late spring is not nearly silly enough. So we substitute their names for the real words as much as we can.

And also, every song is funnier if Mom sings it “as fast as possible.” Which usually means she messes up. Which only adds to the hilarity.

Through it all, we take a very logical approach to silliness: “Mom, do you know why they made Wacky Wednesday like that? It’s because they know that little kids like silly things. And I’m a little kid and I like silly things.”

I know, Child. I know. And sometimes I wish I could go back so I can share the joy of the silliness with you. But I am content to watch your joy, and to derive my joy from that.

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