Note on Running in the Rain

I forget how nice it can be to run in the rain. It’s refreshing. I don’t sweat. I’m distracted from any aches or pains by the wash of water running down my face. There are so few other people out in the rain that there is more space to take in my surroundings. I don’t get caught up in trying to stay with anyone – I’m able to focus on my own pace more easily.

I feel like running in the rain is a good way for me to get down to the basics and see where I’m really at. And this past Tuesday, the rainy run went well. I’m feeling good about being able to complete my Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge – even though I will likely be a few pounds heavier and a couple of centimeters rounder.

Have you come up with a challenge for yourself? What do you want to achieve?

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  1. Running in the rain (especially rain that is warm and not freezing)… I can think of almost nothing better!


    lizzie Reply:

    Yes, warm spring rains are a gift for sure.


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