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Our laundry basket is huge. We made it ourselves and when we finished putting it together and set it in the corner of our bedroom, I looked at it and laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. What had we been thinking? We’d never fill that thing up!

And then a few weeks later Squish was born and we filled that thing up so fast we couldn’t carry all the laundry to the laundromat at once because it was just too big. And too heavy.

Since then we’ve learned the limits of our backs, and of the machines at the local laundry. So we must do some tricky arithmetic whenever we wash our clothes. Not everything that might need to be washed can get washed every time. Towels are on a rotation schedule. Sheets sometimes have to wait in line, especially if there are other blankets that need to be washed as well. The boys clothes are priority number one, but some of Micah’s clothes are laundered only every third or fourth time. Mine tend to be on an every-other-laundry-day kind of rotation, depending on how successful I’ve been at avoiding little hands lined with peanut butter.

I would say, “I’m really looking forward to the day when I can throw in a load whenever it needs to be done!” but, in all honesty, it doesn’t matter that much to me. A huge load of laundry every 2 weeks works just as well as little loads every 2 days. For now, anyway.

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  1. After not having laundry in my house for about a year now, I’m almost liking it better. We just commit one morning to laundry and I do 6-8 loads and it gets put away within a day because the pile is just so huge it gets in our way.
    When I had laundry in the house and would do a load every couple of days it seemed like I was ALWAYS doing laundry in some fashion: washing, drying, or putting away.
    The only time I wish we had it in the house is when a vomiting illness has hit someone in the family. Because who wants to do anything with a vomity shirt besides just throw it directly into the washing machine?


    lizzie Reply:

    Thank you for validating me! And I agree that it would be nice to have washer/dryer in some situations, but for the most part, spending a morning or evening every two-ish weeks works well for us.


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