While Squish slept I:

– set up a profile on PBSkids.org.

– beat 4 other cheetahs in the wild and woolly Cheetah Race. Good thing I had Manchild to turbo boost me whenever I needed it.
– earned the cheetah disk for my creature power suit.

– caught 90 birds in Caracal Leap.
– earned the caracal disk for my creature power suit.

– flew from tree to tree in Draco Leap.
– earned the draco disk for my creature power suit.

– made my character look as much like me as I could. (Manchild encouraged me to indulge in some red lipstick to match the red suit he picked out.)
– learned how to run and jump and glide using my awesome new creature disks and my creature power suit.
– took a bunch of pictures of my adventures so I could share them with all of you.- Oh, and I did the dishes and mopped the floor — which takes 10 minutes and had been on my to-do list for a month. (Manchild helped with the mopping, too. I’m looking forward to the day when he can do it all by himself while I sit down and play games because I still have 5 more disks to earn for my creature power suit.)

Pretty productive naptime if you ask me.

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