In Which I Herd a Couple of Cats

Things I may have said on our trip to the Japanese food store today:

“Okay, hold my hands. We’re going to cross the street so I need your hands.”

“Yes, you can run, but stop at the corner.”

“Boys, boys, boys, I need you to be still on the train.”

“Hold my hands on the platform. We always hold hands on the platform. Thank you.”

“Stay with me in the store, boys.”

“Yes, you can hold the list.”

“It’s hard to read because I didn’t write it very well, but also because some of the words are in a different language.”

“If you stop running, he’ll stop chasing you.”

“We can’t keep running in the store, boys. And we need to be a little bit quieter. Can you do that? No? Do you need a time out?”

“Okay. No more running. I know it’s fun, but no more running. Do you hear me? Do you understand?”

“Hands to yourselves. Hands to yourselves. Hands to yourselves, please.”

“Heads to yourselves, too. Heads to yourselves!”

“Faces too! Boys, keep your faces to yourselves. Faces to yourselves. Do you hear me? Faces to yourselves.”

“Why? Because it’s annoying to the people next to you if you are wiggling all the time.”

“Forget the birds, forget the birds. I know I see it, but it’s in the street, so forget about it.”

“Yes you can run. Are you going to run? If you’re going to run, go ahead and run.”

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  1. it’s all too familiar! there’s some awesome dad on flickr who makes art out of the ridiculous things he’s said to his kids. it’s fantastic!


    lizzie Reply:

    I think I’ve seen some of that dad’s work. Hilarious. I knew the second I heard myself say, “Keep your faces to yourselves,” that this was a sharable, relatable. experience.


  2. i’ve been reading the female brain. in it the author compares little boy and girl brains. the listening portion of the brain isn’t as developed in boys as it is in girls. so boys aren’t naughty, they just don’t have the natural tendency.
    it made me feel better about graham’s new need to ignore everything i say and do whatever it is he wants to do in that moment.

    good thing you are having a girl next!


    lizzie Reply:

    It will indeed be very interesting to see how this girl compares to the boys. Good to know that my boys weren’t intentionally ignoring everything I said . . . those distractible little creatures . . .


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