Many people have asked, and here is my answer: We’re not getting a triple stroller when this baby is born. No way. As much as I love pushing the double up the hills, I’m not sure I could get behind three kids in one stroller. Or even if I did get behind it, I probably wouldn’t be able to push it very far. ButĀ Manchild will start school soon after the baby is born, which will solve most of the problem. I’ll either run by myself in the morning before school, or I could take the younger two in the double while he’s at school. Easy peasy.

However, I hate to say goodbye to our family runs, and I would hate for anyone to feel left out or to be left out. After all, how many people have seen us running in the park and said, “The family that runs together stays together”? (And how many heard us laugh genially at their little joke and then mumble “Never heard that one before” under our breath . . . ?)

And so we are practicing.

Yesterday was actually the first day of “practice” and really it was more of a “diagnostic test” than a practice. I took the boys to a nearby park that has a quarter-mile path around it and Manchild practiced riding his bike alongside me while I ran. And although we went less than half a mile, I think it is a viable option for us to be able to run the 2+ miles to the park on Saturday mornings, pushing Squish and the baby in the double while Manchild pedals along beside us.

Not that the plan doesn’t have some kinks that need to be worked out: 1. going up hills. 2. going down hills.

The child is still a little sketchy on using the brakes at the proper time. For some reason they are really easy to find as soon as he starts up a hill, but magically disappear once he crests the hill and starts going down. So we’ll have to practice that a little bit more before we take him out on the road for real. (Not that he hasn’t done fine when we’ve been out on the open road . . . but if we’re going to be running, even at an easy pace, it’d be nice if we didn’t have to stop and help him all the time. Or take him to the hospital to get his broken arm set.)

But now that we have that figured out, I’m feeling a little bit more ready to birth this baby.

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