I walked into our bedroom this morning after taking a shower. Squish followed me in. Micah was sitting on the bed, in his pajamas, headphones on, iPad in his lap.

“Oh, Dad! Can I play that game you are playing?” Squish chirped. (I say “chirped” because there really isn’t a better word to describe his little voice.) And then, to me, “Get me up! Get me up!”

I help him on to the bed while Micah shows me the game he is playing. He’s doing research for a project and needs to listen to the sounds of iOS games — the music, the effects, the victory tunes, etc.

“Can I play? Can I play?” Squish chirps again.

His brother, hearing the word “play” drops whatever he is doing in the other room and joins in. “I want to play, too, Dad. Can I play too?”

Micah’s headphones are already off his ears and around his neck. He unplugs them from the iPad. “Okay boys, let me show you how this game works. Oh, careful, careful, remember you don’t need to put your whole hand on the screen.”

I’m a little nervous that I’ve just interrupted Micah’s focused research time. The door was closed — the signal that Micah needs quiet — but I did need to get dressed.

“Boys,” I say, “it may look like Dad is sitting on the bed in his pajamas playing on the iPad, but he’s actually working, so we need to be respectful . . . .”

They don’t seem to hear me (except Micah, who laughs at the truthfulness of my statement). The three of them are huddled over the game, playing, watching, learning.

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