Notes on A Solo Weekend

First, a matter of business. I’ve decided to post my Thursday notes one at a time throughout the day rather than in one post. Also, the purpose of these “notes” is to serve as possible ideas for essays/longer posts. If you see one that you think would make a good essay/post or that you just want to see what I would do with it, please let me know in the comments or in an e-mail if comments make you nervous! I would love to take on a challenge like that and give you more of what you want.


I’m trying to get myself psyched up for this weekend. Micah is out of town, so it is just me and the boys. I picked up “Roman Holiday” from the library the other day. I’ve planned to make some black olive and artichoke heart pizza  plus these beautiful raspberry coconut macaroons (which I’m for sure drizzling with chocolate). During the days, the boys and I are hoping to stay busy. Easter egg hunts. Maybe a museum trip. Fun in the sun. That sort of thing. But I’m torn about how to spend my evenings. Vegging out in front of Hulu? Or finally getting a serious start on some of the crafty projects I’ve had on my mind? . . . Probably both.

What do you do when you’re on your own for a couple of days? (Besides try to not look at the clock every few minutes to see if it’s bedtime yet.)

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  1. I did it last week for three days and will do it again next week for the same. Can’t say it’s my favorite thing to do. You’ve got the right idea though. Be productive! I like being around people too. An afternoon with my sister goes way faster than hanging out just with Spencer.


    lizzie Reply:

    Yeah, it definitely isn’t my favorite way to spend a weekend, but what can I do? Let’s hope I don’t be really silly and stay up until midnight, which I am apt to do when I don’t have someone to put me to bed.


  2. It is snowing. :(. Blah. Gotta love Utah weather. I hope the weekend is nice for you so that you can spend it outdoors. I find myself cleaning lots when Jon is away at work. Never for the weekend, but a late night without him is definitely not my favorite and that seems to make the time go by much faster. Good luck!


    lizzie Reply:

    Cleaning? You good girl, you. 🙂 I did manage to keep the apartment relatively tidy, but I definitely didn’t do any deep cleaning. I like to sew when I don’t have anything else to do.


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