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This week I took Squish to the laundromat with me. Just me and him. A few days later Manchild and I walked over to the library together while Squish was napping (and Micah was home, of course). They were just quick little jaunts, not a planned mom-son date or anything, but I really loved having those few minutes with just me and them. Maybe it was not having my attention pulled in two directions at once. Maybe it was being able to look at and listen to them a little more intently. Maybe it was just being able to get out of the house with only half the work. But it felt like some of the best moments of my day. (Right up until Squish was hogging the quarters and pushing the laundry cart into table legs . . . .) Best keep on finding moments to spend one-on-one.

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  1. Cagesjamtoo (aka Sam)

    April 20th, 2012 at 10:48 am

    You can learn so much more about a child when you get that one-on-one time with them. Sometimes the unplanned ones are best. Take them when you can they just get harder to carve out with more kids.


    lizzie Reply:

    So true. My parents certainly had their hands full with 11 kids, but one of the things I looked forward to most growing up was when one of us would get to have dinner with my dad when he got home from teaching a night class.


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