These “notes” are ideas for essays/longer posts. If you see one that you think would make a good essay/post or that you just want to see what I would do with it, please let me know in the comments or in an e-mail! I would love to take on a challenge like that and give you more of what you want.


There are times in life when being alone is a good thing. And times when being alone is a bad thing. Often, as a mother, there is no being alone. Period. There are kids knocking on the door while you take a shower. They are trying to crawl onto your head when you wake up in the morning. They are calling to you from their bedroom an hour after you’ve tucked them in and said goodnight. It can drive you crazy, always having someone there that needs something. But being pregnant means having someone constantly sapping your energy and strength, getting in the way of simple things like bending down, kicking you in the ribs. And it’s okay. I like it. I like having someone to talk to, silently, on my solo runs. Someone to run small decisions by (fettucini? or linguini?) without having to worry about the fallout.


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