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Whenever Squish hears a dog barking, he wants to see it. If it’s behind our building, he wants to climb up onto our bed and look out the window. If it’s in another apartment, he’ll continue to ask about it until he forgets it is there. He has a fear of dogs, but he really wants to get right up to that fear and look at it for as long as he can.

He is also the child that will jump into just about anything without looking, without testing the waters, without so much as a hesitation. And so we’ve learned to be close in case he decides to jump, to hold his hand tightly so he can’t bolt.

Manchild, on the other hand, is very cautious. We’ve never worried about him wandering away, or jumping down the stairs, or running into the street. People will tell me to hold my child’s hand as we cross the street, and after I mentally berate them for not noticing that with all the groceries I’m carrying and the other child whose hand I am clenching tightly, I don’t have a spare hand, I think: they obviously don’t know this child as well as I do. He stays close. He is careful crossing the street. He is not (very) impulsive.

But he also is fairly unafraid. He is not a thrill-seeker, nor a cliff-jumper, but I don’t think it is because he is afraid of those things. It just doesn’t interest him. He’d rather walk on the safe side of the street.

They’re a fun pair, these brothers we’re raising.

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