In Which I Talk About My Uterus with a Preschooler

Sunday night, lying in Manchild’s bed, chatting before he fell asleep, talking about what we were going to do this week. It went something like this (I guarantee this is not an exact transcript of the conversation, but you get the idea):

“Mom, how is the midwife going to measure the baby?”

“Well, she’s not really going to measure the baby. She’s going to measure the home the baby is growing in. And we’ll listen to the baby’s heartbeat, too, so that we know the baby is okay.”

“The home the baby is growing in?”

“Yeah, the baby has a home inside of me. It’s called a uterus or womb. It’s so she can be safe while she grows to be big enough to come out. And as she gets bigger and bigger, the uterus gets bigger and bigger as well. And when she’s ready to come out, the uterus will squeeze her out.”

“Do I have a home for a baby inside of me?”

“No, only girls have homes for babies.”

“But why do only girls get to have babies?”

“Because only girls can be moms. That’s what it means to be a mom, to have a home for a baby inside you. You could be a dad someday, though.”

“Oh, I wish I got to be a mom.”

And now we’re reading In the Womb together. You know, because if you don’t have a womb, the next best thing is to read about it with someone who does. And who is very obviously using it. Or something.

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  1. that is a sweet story. I asked my husband once if he ever was jealous of the fact that I get to feel the baby kicking and moving way before he does, and surprisingly, he said no. I couldn’t imagine anything better than having a home for a baby inside me.


    lizzie Reply:

    Micah said that the only time he feels jealous is when the baby starts moving and I can feel it and he can’t. It has been interesting for me to talk about it with my boys. Squish keeps talking about his baby in his belly, too (since he still has the toddler-gut), but he always wants to look at my baby. Manchild grasps it a lot more, obviously, and he, clearly, is a little jealous. He really wants to feel her move, but hasn’t had the patience for it yet.


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