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Runner’s World sent me their special trail running issue last week and I kind of hate them for it. Because now all I want to do is enter crazy obstacle course races and crawl on my belly through the mud and maybe run up and down a couple of mountains. Just for fun. Which I’m obviously not going to be doing for at least five months. At least.

But really, I just want to see if it’s true. What they say about women and endurance and pain and childbirth. Here are a few clips from the article “You’ve Been Chicked!” by Katie Arnold: 

  • “Men are always going to be faster,” says Darcy Africa, 37 who finished fourth at the Hardrock 100. “But in longer races, it becomes about who can withstand the suffering and push through the pain.
  • “There’s no research to suggest that men or women are stronger mentally,” says Jason Karp, Ph.D., exercise physiologist, coach and author of the forthcoming book Running for Women. “But because they’re the ones having children, there might be an evolutionary trait that women acquired that men don’t have that allows them to endure pain.”
  • “I can’t say this from an expert point of view, but women seem to be able to figure out how to deal with problems as they arise,” says ultrarunner Scott Jurek. “It could be a type of instinct, or intuition. Sometimes egos will get the best of men.”
  • Karl Meltzer, running coach and five-time champion of the Hardrock 100 says, “When men have a bad day, they are more likely to walk off the course. Women seem to like to finish more than men.”

I like to know where my limits are, and approach them (cautiously). I like to know how much I can endure. I like to push through pain. I’m not sure if it’s going to be right after this baby is born or anything, but I think there are some intense trail runs in my future.

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  1. We all loved the trail race we did two months ago. Tons of fun, and it wasn’t even an extreme one.
    BTW, if/when you decide to chuck that special issue, we’d take it 🙂 We haven’t subscribed, but I read their site frequently.


    lizzie Reply:

    The special issue is yours. I’ll bring it to church in two weeks. If I remember. Or maybe ultimate? Sometime . . . .


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