Some Notes on Springing of Spring and Other Things

As much as I would like to relieve Squish of his fear of dogs, sometimes I like to use it to my advantage. Like when we’re already 30 minutes late to a playdate and he insists on walking the remaining 1/4 mile. At the rate he’s going, our friends will have given up on us by the time we get there. And I’m torn between wanting to let him enjoy the experience of exploring at his own pace and wanting to put his little body back in the stroller so we can get there already. And then a dog shows up and solves my problem. He’s back in the stroller — and has buckled himself up — in record time.


Would you know a photographic memory if you saw it? I’m starting to be suspicious that Manchild is in possession of one of these rare beasts, or possibly something like it. I’ve already mentioned the way he memorizes books like it’s no big thing. And then he goes and tells us all the chapters in our edition of The House At Pooh Corner that start on the right-hand side of the page. Just because he knew. (Chapters 1, 2, and 7, if you are curious.)


Also, the boy has better penmanship than I do. Instagramic evidence:


After several months of wondering if I’d lost my motivation to get the boys outside as much as possible, the weather warmed up, flowers started blooming, and I realized that it wasn’t my motivation that was lost. It was the warmth of the sun. I missed this obvious answer because there was no snow and only rarely did the temperature get below freezing. But now the warmth is back and we are becoming reacquainted with the outside world.


And with the warming temps, I am warming up to the idea of racing again. I think I’ll keep it to shorter races for this year since I’ll start out next year training and running (I hope) the Boston Marathon. I haven’t signed up for anything yet, but I think I’m going to do the Utah Valley 10K since most of my family will be running in either the full or half marathon at the same time. I’ve never run a 10K before, and I’m looking forward to setting a personal record in that distance. 🙂

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  1. I missed the memory thing. Time to get him started on Spanish (or Hebrew?), scripture memorization, or something. Pi to 1000 decimal places. Useful things, you know.


    lizzie Reply:

    I really should get on scripture memorization more, because I know he can do it and he is interested. Somehow I haven’t come up with a good method to make it something I don’t have to think about (even if he does). And if I knew another language, he’d be all over that, too. Sadly, I’m not much good at anything past “Si, Senor.”


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