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Back in the day I thought it would be great having two kids who could talk. I imagined them off in the other room, talking to each other, plotting and planning behind my back while I peacefully made dinner. Turns out I just have to listen to approximately 4 times the silly chatter because they inspire each other to new heights of silliness. And neither has mastered volume control. But at least I get a heads up when they are plotting something devious.


Every now and then I wonder if you, my dear readers, get annoyed when I talk about how awesome my kids are. I figure most of you are mothers and can relate to being surprised and inspired and educated by your children on a regular basis. But also, I decided a while ago that, as much as possible, I wanted to focus on the best parts of my kids and their lives — which is not to say that I don’t acknowledge the less than ideal (see above). And I often write best about things that inspire my emotions, and they do, and I try to tell good stories, which they are.

Plus they really are the most amazing children that ever lived in the entire world and I’m not joking or exaggerating.


This was Brooklyn this morning when I was out running:

This was Manhattan at noon:

I love spring. And blossoms. And fog. And blue skies. And wearing summer skirts on the 3rd official day of spring.


I just registered for the Utah Valley 10K. And signed up Micah while I was at it. And added the boys as participants in the kids’ 1K. It feels good to be committed.

(Any other Utah readers participating in the marathon, half, or 10K this year? I’d love to see you at the finish! Aside from my family of course . . . I’ll be seeing you people all month long.)


Micah and I headed into the city together today because we both had appointments. But mine ended up falling through and Micah’s was only half an hour long, so, with a couple of hours on hand and a baby-sitter with the boys (thanks Abby!) we turned our “business trip” into a lunch date. Beautiful day, handsome date, tasty food (I got the cheese and veggie sandwich at Five Guys). I think we’ll have to accidentally plan lunch dates more often.

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  1. I wish I could run in the Utah Valley race this summer! I just don’t a 6-mile race is going to happen, let alone the others, when I’ll be six months pregnant and I’m only running like once a week these days a couple miles. Ah well. Maybe we’ll come see you finish again like last year. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I hope we are able to meet up at the finish! I’d love to see you and your cute pregnant self. 🙂


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