Run Swim Bike Cook 2012: Ironman Meets Ironchef

It’s February! Who’s excited? Who loves February? Anyone? No? Hmmm. There’s Valentine’s Day . . . and President’s Day and, if it counts for anything it was 60+ degrees yesterday. Oh, and there’s also the Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge. Now there’s something to get excited about.

My friend Christy sponsors this every year, and she’s asked me to co-host with her again this year. I’m honored. If you aren’t familiar with the challenge, here it is in a nutshell: You have the month of February to complete the three legs of an Ironman: 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 mile run. On top of that, each week there is a cooking challenge where you use a super-special ingredient in a specific meal (and you only have to complete 3 of the 4 meals to compete in the cooking challenge). For each of the 4 challenges you complete (swimming, biking, running, cooking) you get your name put in a hat and Christy will draw a winner once it’s all over. And the winner gets some sort of prize. If you want more specific and in depth instructions, visit Christy’s blog.

Now, if you can’t do all of the challenges, don’t let that take you out of the running! Maybe you don’t have access to a pool or a bike, but you can run and cook. That’s 2/4 and not a bad showing. I don’t have access to a pool or bike this year, so that’s what I’m doing. (Although if Christy lets me, I might substitute a 45-minute session of power yoga for a “water aerobics” class, which, she says, equals .4 miles of swimming.) Even if you are just able to do one of the challenges, do it!

How to participate: Send an e-mail to Christy (christy DOT spackman AT gmail DOT com) with your challenge meal for the week, your progress on the triathlon, and any related issues/stories by the next Tuesday at midnight, including a link to your blogpost for the week (if you have a blog — if not, just send the status report and pic in an e-mail). Your post/e-mail should highlight where you are in the event, and/or have a mouthwatering pic of your ironchef entry for the week.

This week’s food challenge is to use something citrus-y in a main dish. I have all sorts of ideas for this, but haven’t settled on one yet. If you decide to join in, send your recipes/photos/links to your blog post about it to Christy (christy DOT spackman AT gmail DOT com) by next Tuesday (the 7th) at midnight. I’ll announce the next food challenge here at the Mother Runner next week. And in the mean time, get swimming, biking, running (or spinning/water aerobics-ing)! You’ll hardly notice February is here. Or, even better, you’ll be so pumped up on endorphins that you’ll learn to love it as much as you love June.

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