Truth: I’ve only received one RSBC Week 4 report. So I’m going to post it and add others as they are sent to me.

Kara from What’s up With the Wheelers has been tearing it up. She finished the 2.4 miles for swimming and logged 82 running miles this month, which is a darn sight more than I ran. Plus she’s been rocking Zumba class as well. Good luck in your half-marathon next month, Kara, I’m sure you’ll kill it!

And I have to say that Kara’s barley recipe has me drooling. Barley Risotto with Jarlesburg and Jerusalem Artichokes? Does that not have my name written all over it? Okay, so I’ve never had either jarlesburg or jerusalem artichokes, but really, it’s cheese and something that tastes like artichokes, so I’m pretty sure I can’t go wrong. If I ever figure out where to get a jerusalem artichoke, I know exactly what I’m going to do with it. (Although I’m pretty sure my kids would have the same reaction as Kara’s: “Please don’t make this again,” don’t think for a minute that is going to stop me.)

And thus ends the Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge. Thanks to those who participated for sharing your tasty recipes and thanks to Christy for inviting me to co-host! I’m excited to do it again next year — and, I hope, next year I’ll actually get to bike and swim.

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