You already know what I managed to come up with last week to contribute to my totals for the RSBC Challenge. Now here’s what everyone else did:

Christy of Balance, our fearless sponsor and cook extraordinaire, took on the French street food scene with a drool-worthy crepe filled with eggs, cheese, and arugula. Sign me up! We’ll probably have it for dinner in the near future, to be honest because, well, sometimes the boys get picky about what they’ll eat for breakfast and crepes are squarely in their dinner/dessert sphere. But I would eat it for breakfast any day of the week.

Kara from What’s Up With the Wheelers made an audaciously simple spinach quiche. And she’s not kidding when she says its audacious. And simple. No crust. No cheese. No cream. But lots of eggs and spinach. Sounds like Ironman food to me! And also a good antidote to anyone who is feeling a little overwhelmed by the sugary sweetness of Valentine’s Day, as Kara so rightly pointed out. Her quiche appears to be more child friendly than my frittata was, so she wins. 🙂

And Erin of Small and Simple Things seems to have my number. Sundried tomatoes. Mushrooms. Basil. Spinach. Bread. Pudding. She didn’t know this, but it was actually a savory bread pudding with kale that 1. got me started on the kale kick I’ve been going through this month and 2. inspired me to choose greens for breakfast. I don’t think I can award points, so I’ll just give her a gold start for being on the same page as me.

Great work, ladies. I will be taste testing your recipes for myself soon!

Finally, Christy also announced the cooking challenge for Week 3: peppers (any kind) paired with something sweet. Something dessert-ish. I have no idea where to even begin, but I am looking forward to figuring something out. Christy will post the results on her blog next Wednesday (and, of course, I’ll post my contribution here on Tuesday).

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