Mostly About Squish and His Squishiness

“I think that I will start to taste food I don’t like.” This, from Manchild, after eating a whole bowl of barley risotto with beans and kale without one word of complaint. Sweeter words were never spoken.


Running in the snow is better than running in the rain. As one friend said, “It feels like soft little kisses on your face.” Amen.


I decided earlier this week that it was okay to take my child to the doctor even if he wasn’t sick. Squish has some big tonsils that seem to be making it hard for him to breathe when he sleeps, and it was worth it to find out that the only thing we can for him at this point is stick a humidifier in his room.


Squish made a second trip to the doctor’s this week when he attempted to see if he could outrun the laws of physics and collided with a door. It wasn’t until I dragged him to the bathroom and noticed the blood spurting out from some unknown place in his mouth that I realized I was out of my depth. Thankfully, a dozen other mothers came to my rescue with frozen water bottles, wipes to clean the blood up, phones to call the doctor, and thoughts about what I could do until we got there. And popsicles for the injured boy and his self-described jealous older brother.

(We were very lucky that his teeth didn’t go all the way through his lip — it was close.)


Micah and I bonded over The Baron’s Long and Lean Yoga workout this week. And by bonded, I mean that neither of us could move without triggering some soreness somewhere the next day.


I’m sure at some point, Squish will realize that the novelty of him being able to climb into his crib has worn off, but he hasn’t caught on yet. It’s still a family affair in which everyone is invited to the commencement of naptime to watch him scale the crib and cheer his success. This, despite the fact that one side of the bed is completely open and he could just sit down on his bed if he wished. Love that boy.

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  1. Oh, ouch, that poor lip! A couple years ago we took our oldest to the doctor on behalf of her ginormous tonsils. (Lovely pictures here: ). She was a horrid sleeper before her tonsillectomy, but she’s slept well ever since they came out.


    lizzie Reply:

    Those are pretty serious tonsils! Hooray for better sleep once they were out.

    Our doctor says it will be a few years before we can consider a tonsillectomy, which is probably best. It doesn’t seem to keep him awake, he just snores so loudly. And it is harder to understand him when he speaks than it was a couple of months ago. I assume I will adjust to his “new voice” soon.


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