Click. Step step step.

“It’s six forty-six. It’s too early to wake them up. We have to be quiet.”


“Do you want to play trains?”

“Yeah! Trains!”

Step step step step step.

Creak. Whoosh. Bang. Click-click. Rummmmmmble clatter clatter click.

“No! That’s mine. You can’t have that one. I need it for my freight train!”

“No, my freight train. Mine! Mine!”

“But I neeeeeed it.” Grunt grunt. Thud.

“Waaaaaahhhhhh! Nooooo!

“Aaaaaah. No! Stop! No! We don’t hit each other! If you want other people to do nice things to you, you need to do nice things to them.”

“No! No! No! No!”

“Here, fine, you can have that one. I’m going to make something with the trio blocks.”

Clatter clatter click click clatter.

“Is it time for breakfast? I’m hungry!”

“Oh, yeah!”

Stepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstep. Slide. Clink clink.

“Oh no, where are the other spoons? There are only two spoons?”

Ka-chunk. Slide. “I got milk!” Step step step step step step. Clunk.

Step step step step step step step. “I got juice!” Step step step step step step. Clunk.

Step step step step step step step. “Do you want the blue bowl or the orange bowl?”


“Do you want the green cup or the pink cup?”


“Okay, here you go.”


“Oh! It’s seven oh nine! We can go in now.”

“Oh, okay! I’m hungry. I want breakfast.”

Click creak. Giggle giggle giggle giggle.

(Whispered): “Mom! Can we have breakfast now? Everything is ready. Well, except the things that are too high for me to reach.”

“Yeah, Mom. I’m hungry! Can we have breakfast?”

I open my eyes to two expectant faces.

“Yeah, we can have breakfast. Just give me a minute to wake up.”

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