What Not To Do

Here is something you should not do:

Try to teach your 4-year-old how to play Backgammon. Especially when you are a little shaky on the rules yourself.

And especially don’t do this if your 2-year-old insists that you read him a book at the same time — especially not the book where you have to stop and let him make all the animal noises and it sometimes takes him a little while to remember what a sheep says because he is also playing with cars and trying to roll your dice whenever it is your turn to play.

And then, please, please do not get caught up in correcting the little child when he says, “Dices?” every time you ask him to roll the dice. It’s a losing battle. And the 4-year-old will want in on the action, too. And he’s less forgiving about grammatical errors in the toddler set. Mostly when his little brother is involved.

But if you must do this, if you have absolutely no choice, please do not also keep remembering all those little things you were going to do today, like write a thank-you note to the old lady who lives next door, or edit and print that picture you where going to give to her, or take care of that urgent e-mail that has been in your inbox since Monday or whatever. It’s a bad combination.

Finally, I implore you to please not do this in the late afternoon, when dinner is on your mind, lunch dishes haven’t been done, and the apartment as a whole has fallen into disarray. It’s a recipe for scrambled brain.

I’m telling you, ladies, just say no.

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  1. well said, sympathies, and I SO know how those days go!!! may tomorrow be better …


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh yes . . . thankfully these kinds of days have been far between lately.


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