Today I went swimming with Manchild. The senior citizens who share pool time with us say he is improving. I think he probably is, too, but this mama also just wants to see her boy swim, with no help and no wall to hang on to. But it is fun to see that his enthusiasm for swimming hasn’t waned a mite.

I also played “Bonk!” with Squish at the dinner table. If you haven’t played that game before, it goes like this: You get your foreheads really close together and then you bonk them, usually while saying “Bonk!” This will cause laughter from the toddler, so be prepared to get sprayed by saliva and food particles. You can laugh at that too, because you wouldn’t tolerate that from just anyone, but because it is him, and because he is clearly having so much fun getting his head bonked, you will enjoy it, too. (I don’t know if this works with girls. I’ve heard head-bonking is a boy thing. Is that true?)

I made tortillas for mushroom quesadillas tonight. It was relaxing to roll them out one by one, watch them puff and bubble on the skillets, and know that, for once, everyone was going to like dinner. Which they did. (Although the boys got wise to the mushrooms half way through and their plates sprouted little piles of them. They were tasty even without the cheese and tortilla.)

I love that Fridays are like that.

(PS Tomorrow is the Olympic Marathon Trials. You can watch it tape-delayed on NBC. Which is what we’re going to do. And eat fresh, homemade pasta. With friends. I’ll be cheering for Desi Davila, who won me over at Boston last year.)

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  1. Claire loves the “bonk” game. I think it’s just a kid thing. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I wonder if she’ll still be interested in it in a year or if she will grow out of it sooner than Squish has. (Or has not, as the case seems to be.)


  2. Anna loved Bonk when she was very little, but is not into it so much anymore. Levi has been bonking since he was about 3 months old and still literally doubles over with laughter when we play with him.


    lizzie Reply:

    Levi sounds so much like Squish to me that I can’t help but think that they will be great friends some day. Maybe they will be college roommates.

    I can dream, right?


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