This weekend I missed two connecting flights.

I spent approximately 15 extra hours at San Francisco International Airport.

I slept on a bench. Or, more accurately, four seats lined up together without armrests. My wool coat kept me warm.

I ate 5 1/2 slices of Costco pizza, one slice of birthday cake, and one slice of wedding cake. Both cakes were in celebration of the same girl (and her new husband).

I did not get in a car accident. But two of my sisters (including the birthday girl/bride) did. No injuries, minor damage to cars. Snow was to blame.

I completed, more or less, four crossword puzzles.

I read a half dozen essays.

I slept in a twin bed for the first time in seven years.

I wore a little black dress. And maroon tights.

I called Micah a half dozen times. Or more.

I took 123 pictures.

I ran seven miles.

I helped make a dinner in which 20 packages of ramen were cooked in one pot.

I didn’t wash a single dish.

I said about a thousand prayers that I would get onto the redeye flight.

I came home at 8:00am, slept for four hours, took a two hour nap, slept for ten hours last night, and took another 90 minute nap this afternoon.

I should be ready to be a real person by tomorrow morning.

I hope.

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