Tuesday Training Tip: “Eat like you mean it this week, run like crazy next week.”

I asked Micah what my training tip today should be and this is what he said: “Eat like you mean it this week, and run like crazy next week.”

I think I can get behind that.

Mostly because I feel like I need to rest and indulge a little bit. Or maybe a lot bit. After the marathon in October, I was super motivated to keep running so I didn’t lose any fitness. I made a goal to run 100 miles in November, which wasn’t really a problem. But now it’s December and even my paltry “run 3 times a week” goal has been suffering from the busyness of the season. Between staying up until past 2:00am making gifts and prepping for parties, and with the errands and parties themselves taking up so much time and energy, I’ve barely been scraping by. Last week one of my “runs” became a walk all over Brooklyn with Squish on my back and Manchild in the stroller. On Saturday I had to postpone my run until after we got our packages to the post office and everyone else was taking naps. And I’ve even resorted to running on the treadmill. (Not my fave.)

To be honest, it’s been a little discouraging. For eight months I’ve been rocking the morning runs and speed workouts and now I’m having a hard time even fitting a run in. But rather than beat myself up about it, I’m going to claim it as part of my overall strategy. ‘Tis the season to rest, relax, and unwind. Indulge a little. Forget about the Garmin (mostly because it’s been sent in to be serviced). Let my legs atrophy and my lungs lose capacity. (Just kidding on that one.) And when January rolls around and I’ve got the fire of the New Year’s Resolution burning in my belly, I’ll be back to running two-a-days and pushing the boys up the hill 5 times in a row for a hill workout in no time. Or at least I’ll be less burned out and a little more fresh and focused.

Yeah, I think that’s probably actually what I’m going for: taking it a little easier so I can recoup and be fresh and focused for next year’s training.

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  1. I’m right there with you on the rest and indulge a bit! We deserve it, so let’s revel in it!


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, and believe me, I’m reveling in it.


  2. december has really messed up my exercise routine too. dang it! i’m resorting to 20-minute online workout videos in the middle of the day that barely make me sweat. but it’s better than nothing, and i think you’re on to something with saying a little rest is good. here we go.


    lizzie Reply:

    Now let’s just hope I don’t take the rest thing so seriously that I can’t get back into it . . . I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that something is better than nothing.


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