Tuesday Training Tip: Do Something Different

Some friends and I used to joke that no matter what we did, no matter how much time we spent anticipating stranger’s complaints, no matter how prepared we were, someone would find something about us to criticize. Our perfectly bundled child — complete with hat, mittens, booties, and blanket — was not being carried properly, or the stroller looked unsafe, or perhaps the sidewalk we were walking on was too bumpy for such precious cargo and we should be walking on the other side of the street.

“Do something different!” these strangers seemed to be saying. “Anything! Just do something different.”

And while it was not necessarily any of their business, and while we were free to disregard their advice, and while it is really super annoying to have someone glance at you, give you the once over and say, “Do something different,” it’s not as annoying if you tell it to yourself. I find it is an excellent way to get out of a rut, to find out what I am capable of, to stretch my abilities, and to keep things exciting.

So, at the risk of being one of those annoying people, may I suggest that you try doing something different in the activity/exercise/running portion of your life? Just to keep things interesting, and to challenge yourself to keep at it when it’s probably not the first thing on your list. Maybe go a different route. Or meet a different friend. Listen to music instead of podcasts or podcasts instead of music. Swim instead of run. Do an exercise video in the middle of the day rather than run at the beginning. Pretend you’re being chased by zombies. (Thanks Eapen!) Whatever. But try it. Try switching things up a bit.

Do something different.

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  1. Beautiful writing….(and not just cuz I’m a big fan of Eapen). Way to turn those pesky comments into a great post about running AND what a perfect picture. Very subtle….and I’ve seen that guy around the park too, just never managed to have my camera with me. Nicely done.


    lizzie Reply:

    You are too kind, Kathleen. And that was a pretty lucky shot of the unicylclist. I don’t think I’d seen him before that day.


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