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Today I’m going to boldly go, once again, where I have no business going: to the realm of fashion. You know, I briefly considered doing a “Mother Runner Style” feature here, but realized that posting a picture of me in a pair of jeans (which were most likely given to me by one of my sisters and I have no idea where they came from or how much they cost) and a t-shirt (which came “free” with a race registration fee) would probably be less amusing to you than it would be to me. So I bagged it.

But we’re talking running fashion here, and this is an area where I do actually have one or two opinions. One of my opinions is that it’s a bad idea to wear a shirt and shorts/pants that actually match. It makes you look like a newbie. And it’s fine to look like a newbie, except that I think it also broadcasts that you spent a lot of money on something that you weren’t really sure you were going to use. Or maybe you hoped that some fancy duds would motivate you to run. Both are things that I am slightly uncomfortable with, at least for myself. Go ahead and buy a fancy running set, but then break it up. Wear the shirt with your old gym shorts and the shorts/capris/skirt/pants with that old beater of a t-shirt you’ve had since high school.

Another of my opinions is that if you are going to wear something flashy — like bright pink shorts — it should be balanced with something more neutral — like a black shirt. I realize there are plenty of women who disagree with me on this one, but that is where I stand. For now.

This may surprise you, but I also belong to the camp that says it is okay, in cold weather, to wear shorts/skirts over running tights/pants if you would like. Sometimes it is just more comfortable for everyone that way, and sometimes it may just be your own personal comfort that is on the line. But aside from that, I also am a big fan of the aesthetics of layering. During the winter I for sure put a long-sleeve shirt on under my race t-shirt. Sometimes I even put a long-sleeve shirt on under a nicer (i.e. not t-) shirt. And I’ve even been known to wear skirts over jeans. Even as I write, I’m wearing a knee-length skirt and leggings. So the shorts-over-running-tights look is a-ok in my book. And I plan to rock it all winter long.

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  1. I agree – break it up for crying out loud. And this goes for everything- I remember snowboarding in Idaho and seeing someone fall on their butt all the way down the mountain in matching BRAND NEW orange and green camo jacket, pants AND snowboard. I was falling on my butt in whatever I had at the time- as it should be. I mean, to each his/her own, whatever, but yes, I agree.


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks for standing with me on this one, Stephanie.


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