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Last night we finished phase 1 of the Christmas shopping. This is the phase where we click, “Checkout” and then wait for all our gifts to come in the mail. To be honest, this is my least favorite phase. So boring, just to click and wait, after clicking and clicking and clicking and scrolling. But that’s over now, and it’s time to move on to phase 2: the handmade gift phase. My friend Shiloh has been on this phase for weeks now, in preparation for the South Slope Craft Fair tomorrow (go! if you can! It’s at PS 10 from 11am-5pm!) and I’ve been inspired by some of her projects. And also by her dedication.

Earlier this year Shiloh made a full-size quilt for her husband right under his nose without him knowing about it. Obviously, this is awesome. And it’s kind of become a goal for me to do something like this every year. Not necessarily to make a full-size quilt for my husband, but to make a handmade gift for those I am giving to. This isn’t so difficult right now since the boys are fairly oblivious to a lot of things and there are few others who have access to the inner chamber of my apartment. But I imagine that over the years it will be a real challenge to make things. And I imagine that the payoff will be amazing.

If, however, all my plans fail, I can always meet up with Shiloh at the craft fair and take advantage of her genius.

What are some of your go-to handmade gift ideas? I’m a sucker for a re-purposed t-shirt in any form, as evidenced by the photo of my nephew above. He got three of those envelope shirts for his first Christmas last year.

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  1. Thanks Lizzie, you’re a peach!


    lizzie Reply:

    Anything I can do to help . . . 🙂


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