TryptoFun 2011

The leaves are on the ground. The chill is in the air. The sky is bright blue and the leaves are red, orange, yellow, brown. Yes, it’s true, Thanksgiving is upon us. I dearly love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. I get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a lot of time at the table, and a lot of time with the people I like best. So much to be grateful for. The only way to make the day better? Go running with friends.

(You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you.)

And so I am inviting all of you (and more especially those of you who live in New York City) to participate in the 2nd Annual TryptoFun. Now, because I am actually going to be out of town for Thanksgiving this year, it will be held a week from this Saturday (November 19) at 9:00 am. Just like last year, we’ll start and end at Cadman Plaza, near the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the A/C line. Just like last year, we’ll have a 4+ mile running route (over the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown, over the Brooklyn Bridge and back) and a 2+ mile walking route. And just like last year, there will be treats waiting for us at the finish line. There is a recommended $1 donation to help cover the cost of said treats. (Unlike last year, there will not be any t-shirt stamping materials . . . sorry. Unless someone wants to volunteer for such a job.)

If you’ll make it there, please leave a comment so I know how many to expect.

And if you don’t live in New York, go for a run anyway. It’s fun, and a great way to work up an appetite for the food that you will be that much more thankful for.

(And, yes, I’m totally pulling out the half-shirt again, just for the occasion. But maybe I’ll try to tame the hair a little bit this year, just for kicks.)

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  1. I would really love to come!! How stroller friendly is the course? I’ll let you know if we can make it for sure. Hopefully we’ll see you next week!


    lizzie Reply:

    Awesome! The course is reasonably stroller friendly. There were 2 strollers last year . . . we did have to carry them up the stairs to the Manhattan Bridge, but that was the only hiccup. And there were plenty of people to help with that. Hope to see you there!


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