The TryptoFun (2011) Was Run

We had an “intimate” group for the TryptoFun on Saturday. Five runners, two passengers. At least until we hit the Brooklyn Bridge and ran smack into the St. Jude’s Give Thanks Walk for childhood cancers. And then we were joined by throngs of green-clad walkers, many of whom were quite impressed that we were actually running the walk, and with a double jogger to boot. Little did they know . . . .

But their supportive comments powered me up to the top of the bridge, as I weaved through the crowds, pushed the boys, and lost any momentum I happened to build up any time someone stopped to take a picture on the bridge. Which is often. Of course, I probably couldn’t have pushed the stroller up the hill at all if Christy hadn’t first pushed it all the way across the Manahattan Bridge. Or if Micah hadn’t pushed it all the way from our apartment to Cadman Plaza. (He also took over for me as soon as we got to the top of the bridge . . . what a man!) I guess it takes a village to push two children in a double jogger from one side of the river to the other and back again. That’s how the quote goes, right? And also, that’s how you know who your real friends are. They push your children up hills for you.

But anyway, in spite of the traffic, it was truly a glorious time to be out running. Blue skies, a little chill, gorgeous views. And at the end, doughnut muffins and granola bars to munch on while standing in a patch of sun. The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning, if you ask me.

Next year I’m thinking of requiring all TryptoFun participants to wear FiveFingers. Or maybe I’ll just throw my support behind St. Jude’s and call it good.

(Please try to ignore the camera strap in that last picture. I’m an amateur.)

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  1. Sorry we couldn’t make it! Sounds like you guys had a fun and interesting time 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    We did have a great time, even if it was a small group. Hope you can make it next time!


  2. Fun to see pictures! Just wish we lived closer so Chou could push our munchkins too. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    We’d love to have you if you can ever sneak away for a trip to Brooklyn!


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