Tuesday Training Tip: Drink Chocolate Milk to Recover from Workouts

On Saturdays we have an occasional tradition to stop by the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza, buy a quart of chocolate milk, sit down on the grass and split it amongst the 4 of us. Squish and Manchild will usually have chocolate milk running down their chins and shirts by the time the bottle is empty, and Micah and I usually don’t get nearly as much as we’d like. On the Saturdays we don’t make it to the market, the boys will pester us about it over and over again, Squish in his parrot-ish little voice, “Coc-ate milk? Coc-ate milk? Coc-ate milk?” and Manchild in his own, more loquacious, way.

The mess and the squabbling and pestering are a small price to pay for a tradition that the whole family can love for so many reasons: First, chocolate. Second, milk. Third, drinking straight out of the bottle. Fourth, passing it around so everyone gets a turn. Fifth, pretending like we’re kids again. Sixth, getting a good dose of carbs and protein to help us recover after our hours spent running around the park or up and down the Ultimate field. Seventh, getting a good dose of vitamins A and D and calcium to strengthen our bones. Eighth, knowing that chocolate milk does a better job of helping shed fat and gain muscle than carb drinks when consumed after a workout. Ninth, it’s readily available, easy to come by, and relatively inexpensive. Tenth, it’s an indulgence I can feel good about.

So, chocolate milk. It does a body (muscles, bones, and everything else) good. Drink up.

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  1. Wahoo! I love chocolate milk! I didn’t know (all this) about the stuff. 🙂
    And, I love your sister’s shirt! Are you guys making those now? 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    My sister made the shirt so she can advertise for me when she runs. 🙂 It’s just a simple iron-on. I’m glad you like it. If we ever make them for real, I’ll let you know!


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