Tri-Boro Run Tour

I just ran from the Bronx Zoo to my house.

Three boroughs. (Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn)

A little over 20 miles.

A little under 3 hours.

Fifty-five songs on my iPod.

Two Hammer gels.

A water bottle.

My shoes were a tad too tight.

My legs burned for miles.

But at least I don’t have to do it tomorrow.

And thank heaven the weather was perfect for it.

The chocolate milk recovery drink was perfect as well.

Next up: deep tissue massage. And maybe some stretching with my buddies.


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  1. Awesome! That sounds like a perfect shake-up run– curious to hear how you handled it on a Friday AND got a deep tissue massage afterwards! Nice work.


    lizzie Reply:

    Ah, yes, the deep tissue massage came courtesy of our foam roller, but it did a fabulous job. I wasn’t sore on Saturday and I managed to spend most of the day tearing up someone’s house that had flooded during the storm. Stinky work, but I’m glad my legs were up for it.


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