Changes Come

I took the boys to the children’s museum and playground this morning. Both places are usually hopping, but today we practically had them to ourselves. School started yesterday and all the kids have disappeared. Except for mine. It was a little strange to think that next year, we’ll be part of the school crowd too. It seems at once too soon and not soon enough. It is one of many changes I can see coming, and I hope I use the time until then well, teaching and playing and enjoying and learning from Manchild before he is away from me for most of the day.

School is the most important of many changes — big and small — I can see coming. Things like taking Squish’s pacifier away for good. Or finishing my marathon and not being in training anymore. Things like pulling out the jackets and long pants and switching lazy Saturdays at the beach for afternoons working on projects and watching college football.

Some of them will be easy changes to make, like putting away swimsuits and shorts. Others, like shifting naptime and bedtime a half hour earlier, will take much more commitment and persistence if it is going to work.

There are also things that, right now, are only possibilities, dreams or goals that take lots of thought and planning, whether they are changes that happen or not: moving to a new neighborhood, having another baby, working towards self-employment.

And then there are things that we just get to watch change, and enjoy and savor as best we can: the leaves’ colors, the falling snow, the long nights and short days. The birthdays and holidays and nights spent cuddling under blankets, a pot of wassail simmering on the stove as we wait for more changes — melting snow, warmer days, budding leaves.

But right now, things are the same as they ever are. And I will enjoy that while it lasts.

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