It makes me happy that I married a designer. I like to sit and watch Micah work on projects at night when I don’t have anything else to do. Scratch that. I used to like watching Micah work on projects at night when I used to not have anything else to do. If ever I did have nothing else to do, I would still like to watch him work. It is amazing to see him turn a piece of white computer screen into something beautiful. And it’s relaxing to hear the clicks and see him undo and redo and undo and redo as he cocks his head to the side trying to decide which version he likes better.

Design is an interest I never knew I had and probably never would have known I had if I hadn’t married Micah. It is fun to learn about and fun to learn to talk about. I love it when we are able to go out together, just the two of us, and talk about the design of the ads in the subway, or about the recent re-design of a major brand, or about the logo on the thing we just passed that caught our eye. (We don’t get much of a chance to dissect design when the boys are around, although I can see that Manchild will soon be eager to join the conversation.)

Being married to Micah has also helped me find my creative side. He has been very instrumental in helping me develop my creative instincts and in teaching me to pay attention to how a well-crafted and intentional even a simple story — whether verbal or visual — can be. And he has been so supportive of me as I’ve pushed myself to be more creative and to develop my talents and interests. The result is that he hasn’t had much time to work on his own projects and interests. But for the time being, I am pretty well setup with my own creative platforms and Micah has had a chance to work on his. This past week he launched his latest project, the Designer Co-op. I am looking forward to see his projects develop as part of the Co-op, and also to get a peek into the minds and processes of the other designers, photographers, and artists who feature their personal projects there. (And I hope those of you who are interested in such things enjoy it too!)

It has been so good for us and for our marriage to have interests that we have developed as a couple, that we work towards together and support each other in. What kinds of projects do you work on as a couple?

As a side note, our friend Cole Nielsen recently launched a blog called The Depictionist about design and storytelling (and basketball) that I have been inspired by. Check it out here.

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