Risky Tricks and Motherhood

I saw this video on Design Mom today. I wished I could be one of those girls. Cruising down the hills, dancing on my board, feeling the rush of the wind and the natural high from doing something difficult and dangerous and doing it well. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to carve those mountains? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of a group like that? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to think about who would make dinner if I broke my arm, or how I would manage to get the grocery shopping done if I had to navigate the aisles with the boys, a cart, and a pair of crutches? Wouldn’t it be relaxing to feel the wind in my hair and not be wishing that I’d brought the boys along because wouldn’t they love this?

But what if they did love it? What if they loved it so much they wanted to spend all their time carving mountains on their longboards? How would my mom-nerves handle that? Would I be the mom who says, “Not on your life are you ever going to do something like that! You’re insane! You’ll get hurt!” And worry about them incessantly until they come home safe and sound and then beg them to never ever go again.

Or would I be the mom who says, “Can I come too?”

I might be game for that. As long as they are old enough to fix me dinner and fetch the groceries by themselves, of course.

ps WordPress is having a hard time uploading my photos, hence the pictureless post yesterday. Fingers crossed that it is fixed by tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve basically had all the same thoughts running through my head since I’ve been a mother. It seems like Hawaii invents new ways to do something dangerous and risky but cool. I wish I was cool, but I am safe. Because honestly, crutches suck… but wouldn’t it be cool???


    lizzie Reply:

    It would be so cool. Maybe someday, in our second or third childhoods.


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