Tuesday Training Tip: Take it a Step at a Time

Side note: Over the weekend I added a sidebar widget for the books/movies/shows/podcasts/etc. that might (or might not) make their way into a Booking It post. I will add anything that I’ve read, watched, or listened to that I really enjoyed, made me think about things, or that was particularly well done and that I think is worth sharing, even if I don’t end up writing a post about it. Please let me know what you think of this format. Thanks!

And now, onto our previously scheduled Tuesday Training Tip . . . .

There are days when I jump out of bed, slip into my running clothes and am thrilled to be out the door for an early run. There are days when I know I’m going running, that I’ll regret it if I don’t, so I try to waste as little time as possible and get it done with. There are days when I try to find excuses not to go, and then end up trying to find ways to sneak a run in later when I’ve missed my opportunity to go early. And then there are days when I  just have to take it in little bites because a simple thing like going for a run, which can take less than an hour of my time, seems like way too big a task to ever accomplish any other way.

One step is plenty to take at a time on days like this. And so that is what I do. I start by getting out of bed. I see if I can handle getting dressed. Sometimes I’ll have to sit for a second and think about what the next step is (So I have my shoes on, now what?) and sometimes it takes me several minutes to make a very simple decision (iPod, or no iPod?). But eventually I get some momentum going. Sometimes it’s at step 3 — put on my shoes — sometimes I’m halfway through step 10 — run 6 miles — before I feel like I don’t have to work hard to keep things going. I can see that I’m making progress, little by little, and that is encouraging. And the important thing is that I get things going and build up confidence to take the next step. It is gradual and harder than it sometimes is, but it gets done.

And only then, when all the steps are completed can I step back and say, “That wasn’t so hard,” and use that momentum to tackle the rest of the day.


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  1. Glad to see you out running this morning. I’m really looking forward to hearing any podcasts you recommend– I need something to make the cleaning a bit more pleasant!


    lizzie Reply:

    Good to see you too! Don’t you love running with a double? Such a great upper body workout . . . can’t neglect those arms!


  2. Get out of my head. Lately I’ve been thinking those double jogger runs are working my upper body more than anything else…watch out Arnold.


  3. I agree. The getting there. That’s the challenge sometimes. I’ve really neglected running lately. I’ve downloaded “Runkeeper” though and it sent me an email saying I hadn’t logged any miles with them lately and what was I up to? Oops. Can’t hide from them! 🙂
    I like the side bar with the “book it” options and ideas! Good add!


    lizzie Reply:

    That’s thoughtful of them to send an e-mail. Honestly, though, it would be just as easy for me to ignore that as it would be to ignore all the other e-mails I get . . . . Hahaha.


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