We’ve got our eyes on the skies these days. Squish has learned about airplanes, can say, “Airplane!” and can hear airplanes before anyone else. Whenever we go out, we’re practically chanting, “Airplane!” as we walk down the street. And Manchild has taken it a step further. We watched the launch of Atlantis on YouTube last week, and he’s asked to watch it over and over again since then. We’re talking about planets, dwarf planets, satellites, suns, moons, orbits. I took the boys to the Museum of Natural History to see what they had to say on the subject. And then we went to the library and raided the outer space shelf in the children’s section for more info.

I love watching their world get bigger, to see their interests and understanding and obsessions blossom.

And I love that they are reminding me to spend a little bit more time looking up.

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