Hands down, the best thing Micah and I did after we finished running the Mayor’s Marathon back in 2006 was to wander around Anchorage looking for moose tracks ice cream. Seriously. You’d think you’d be able to buy moose tracks on every street corner in the blessed state of Alaska, but that is not the case. I don’t know how many miles we walked after running 26.2, but it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that we kept moving. And because we did, we pretty much avoided the post-marathon walk demonstrated in the video below. (It was almost as important that we actually find the ice cream, which we did, but that is irrelevant to the matter at hand.)

After long and fast runs, I often find myself daydreaming of a day spent on the couch, watching tv on the internet, or, during the autumn, whatever college football game happens to be on. Or maybe reading a good book. Sadly, the days when I could actually do such a thing are both well behind me and well in front of me. For the present, even if I’ve had a tough run, I am constantly on the move — fetching water, looking for lost shoes, gathering stray blocks, rummaging through the fridge, prepping meals, you know, the usual. But even though it isn’t really what I want to do, I am kind of grateful for it.

The thing is, doing some light exercise on your rest days, whether it be walking or biking, or even just chasing your 4-year-old down the block when he takes off on his bike, will increase blood flow to the muscles and clear out the stuff that makes you sore and achy the next day. So even if you feel like you deserve to kick off your shoes and keep your feet up for eight hours, it’s best to keep moving. Apparently, that’s the secret to a happy life. (That and moose tracks ice cream.)

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