Surrounded by Boys

I love having boys, being a mom of boys, being surrounded by boys. For so many reasons.

I love that bonking heads, pretending to bonk heads, thinking about bonking heads, and actually bonking heads against a wall are serious forms of comedy.

I love that just the mention of the word “ball” can erase all memory of a painful fall and dry up tears in an instant.

I love that I can take plane rides and boat rides and bus rides and car rides without ever leaving the comfort of my couch.

I love plaid shorts and polo shirts on short legs and round bellies.

I love the legos all over the floor and I look forward to the structures the boys will make when they have the dexterity and attention span for it.

I love the bed-jumping, couch-jumping, jumping-pad-jumping. (But I’m not such a fan of stair-jumping or table-jumping.)

I love steamrolling through the living room, and being steamrolled in return.

I love the cheek-pokes and zerberts that pass as kisses.

I love the cuddles that evolve into tickle wars that morph into wrestling matches.

I love the desperate search for favorite cars that must be tucked under arms at bedtime if anyone is to sleep properly.

I love having boys.

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  1. Lizzie. I love this post! As an expectant mom of a boy, I needed to hear it!


    lizzie Reply:

    You’re going to love it, Kareena. I’m giddy with excitement for you.


  2. I’ll second that.


    lizzie Reply:

    I’m excited to watch your two grow together . . . and wrestle on the pews at church . . . during sacrament meeting. Another fun thing about boys. 🙂


  3. oh I’m so excited for all of this! Spencer’s personality is really blossoming and it is already so much fun!


    lizzie Reply:

    And it just keeps getting better. Kids are so full of fun surprises. It’s like the birthday present that keeps on giving . . . especially for you!


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