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Did you know that you can make lemon cake in a rice cooker? It’s true. We’ve done it. Twice. When we first moved to New York (four years ago next week!), and we were experiencing what a real hot and humid summer feels like (after living in the tropics for a couple of years), we were without a gas hook-up to our oven for over a month. It was quite the month, let me tell you. New city, new baby (Manchild was not quite 4 months old when we arrived), new modes of transportation, new (sometimes very loud and opinionated) neighbors, new wild life (rats! on the train tracks!) and we couldn’t even bake a batch of cookies to make ourselves feel a little bit more at home. (At least not until we met Natalie, who was kind enough to let us come over and use her oven despite having only crossed paths briefly in the nursing room at church.)

What memories we have of that month! Gun shots! Fights in the train car! (And so many people helping me move to the other side of the car so my baby would be out of harms way.) Dilapidated staircases! Tornadoes! Sinkholes! Collapsing ceilings! Truly, the city rolled out the red carpet to welcome us (and make sure we were really serious about being here). I enjoyed every minute of it. Okay, most minutes of it. Not the minutes in which I woke up with my pajamas soaked in sweat. Nor the minutes in which we wandered around our neighborhood trying to find places to get groceries and wash our clothes and realized that we felt very out of place. And certainly not the minutes in which I didn’t have my hair dryer for four weeks. (Sure, USPS, take your sweet time. No rush getting us the 13 boxes of stuff we mailed to ourselves.) Hahaha.

Anyway, the reason I’m reminiscing about those good days is not because the anniversary of our arrival in New York City is coming up, but because our oven went kaput last week. It no longer gets hotter than about 200 degrees. Our granola, though dry enough, is looking like it could use some time in a tanning bed. I’m missing my favorite loaves of homemade bread. And we actually did make pizza on our stove top on Saturday. And that, my friends, is why I don’t have a new recipe for you today.

(That and the fact that I forgot to take a picture of our meal on Tuesday. Oops.)

But with all that excitement going on, you didn’t even miss the recipe, did you?

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  1. Your oven went out? Oh no. That is your lifeline…..I can’t believe you are even using it though! Dust off that rice cooker 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I probably would have been more grateful that it went out if it hadn’t happened a few days after we got an AC. Now I can bake and not feel too bad about heating up the apartment! Except that I can’t . . . oh well. You’re right. I should relive those fun times with the rice cooker.


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