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I ran to Trader Joe’s today. Pushing the stroller. I took the long way so I could get more miles in. And then, as I was about to turn the corner and push them up the ramp into the store, I realized I forgot my wallet. Nice. There was nothing to do but run (the short way) back home and pretend we didn’t need to go to the store at all. Even though I’ve been procrastinating that trip all week and could have really used a chocolate truffle brownie mix and a box of Joe-Joe’s.

Oh well. Life goes on. The Joe-Joe’s will still be there next time. We can always go back.

But there are probably a limited number of times I’ll be able to shrug it off, come home, and play Memory with the boys. Or that we can sit down on the floor together and try to figure out the best way to get all the train tracks to fit together so that they create a track that takes up most of the living room floor. Or that I can stir together a new jar of peanut butter with such an interested and attentive audience. It was probably a better use of my time to forget the wallet.

That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself, anyway.

Happy Friday. Have a good weekend, Friends.

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  1. Oh that is so frustrating, and I could totally relate! Sounds like you handled it with grace…at the very least, gave you good blog material. By the way, have no idea what Joe-Joes are but will check them out!


    lizzie Reply:

    I’m always thankful for good blog material, no matter how inconvenient it is. 🙂

    Joe-Joes are Oreos. Quite tasty. I still prefer to make my own, but they work well for a crust for a ridiculous chocolate brownie pie.


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