The past 24 hours have been chock-full of excitement for the boys. It started when we went down into the train station on the other side of the street, which meant we were taking the train the other way from our normal route. We passed stations we rarely see before getting off at Howard Beach, which Manchild clearly does not remember from the last time he was out that way, two years ago.

The craziness continued as we took the Air Train Shuttle Bus to Terminal 5 and then proceeded to go even farther. We nearly had to leave Squish behind because he was so taken by the sight of all the airplanes that he almost refused to get on one himself. But we managed to lure him on board with the promise of exotic destinations and people he’s never met. Like, for example, Utah, and his grandpa.

Since then we’ve wondered why the houses are so far apart here and what all that green stuff is around each one. (Just kidding. My kids know what grass is. They just don’t like to touch it.) We’ve played on the personal playground in the backyard. We’ve oooh-ed and aaah-ed over the trains that don’t go under ground. We’ve learned that houses can have stairs, multiple bathrooms, and big beds (with big pillows).

Who knew the suburbs could be so exciting.

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  1. Hey, Welcome back to Utah! We should get together, except Grant is sick right now. He should be better in a couple of days though.


    lizzie Reply:

    Hope Grant is feeling better now. We’ll see you soon.


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