Tuesday Training Tip: Twenty Minutes Well Spent

We woke up from our vacation this morning. Manchild came in my room at 6:00. I reminded him that I get to sleep until 7:00. Exactly one hour later, he was back and asking for breakfast. While we munched on our granola, Manchild let us know how things were going down. We were going to museums. We were going to the beach. We were going camping. All of them. This week, preferably, if not today. So I wrote his list (plus a few additions of my own) on the chalkboard. And suddenly we became very busy people.

But aren’t we always? Isn’t everyone always? Busy busy busy. Sometimes running takes high priority (like when you are training for a big race), other times not so much (like when you are still trying to decide whether or not to run another big race). If it is one of those “low priority” times, or you want to beat the heat but can’t wake up quite that early, or you only have a short amount of time each day to go out before you need to head to the beach (or the museum, or the campground — poor you), or you just need to hang on to some fitness until you figure out what to do next, see if you can spare 20 minutes. (Of course, you could always run to the beach, couldn’t you? Okay, maybe not.)

Seriously, though, twenty minutes is better than nothing. You could run up and down a hill a couple of times for a strength workout, or do a couple of fast laps at the track, or you could run errands. Twenty minutes to the library, pick up books, put them in your backpack, run home.

If you can’t structure your life around running, then maybe you can try structuring running around your life. Or something like that.

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  1. It’s so true. All you need is twenty minutes to get your blood pumping, amp up your energy, and feel like your closer to your goals. And yet so seldomly looked at that way. Only twenty minutes. I can do twenty minutes.


    lizzie Reply:

    You can do! 20! 6! point! 2. minutes! (or miles)


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