Tuesday Training Tip: Give Yourself a Reason

It’s hard to run early in the morning when you’ve gotten to bed late the night before. It’s hard to run in the evening when you’ve had a full day and just want to sit down and zone out. It’s hard to run when you can’t find your iPod, or you can’t find a running buddy, or you can’t find the will to put your shoes on. (Have I mentioned that getting dressed is often the hardest part of exercise for me? Once I’m dressed for it I’m good to go . . . .) It’s hard to run when you’ve just achieved a goal and there’s nothing to work toward. It’s hard to run. Period.

And yet you want to do it anyway. There’s something in running that makes you want to get out there and get whatever it is in you. What is that something? Health? Strength? Friendship? Stress relief? A challenge?

Whatever it is, write it down. Make a list of your reasons to run — whether it be specific goals you are working towards, like breaking 24 minutes in a 5K, or general things like being a healthy person. Don’t be shy about your reasons for running. Maybe it is because you already bought the dress and now you need to fit into it. Maybe it is because you refuse to be the chubby wife. Maybe it is because you need that time away from your kids. Or maybe it is because you want a healthier heart, you need the energy to take care of your family, you are helping your friend work towards her goal.

Make that list, keep it handy, and when reasons to not run are nipping at your ankles, pulling you towards the couch, the remote, and the bag of chips, you’ll have something to beat them into submission.

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  1. I blogged my reasons last night. 🙂 Great post!


    lizzie Reply:

    I so understand the one about it being the only hour of the day when no one touches you. It’s so great to not be someone else’s playground for just a little while.


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